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Swim Sports Inc, is excited to share we were honored to receive the 2013 Regional Excellence Award for Construction, Customer Service, and Professionalism.  We were chosen from hundreds of builders in the Northeast quarter of the U.S. and received the award from Latham, the top manufacturer of many pool brands.

Pool Installation
Swim Sports has installed hundreds of pools all over the South Shore of Massachusetts.  Here are some pictures that show our installation process, Swim Sports only installs one pool at a time in a span of 5-7 business days with weather and all circumstances permitting.  Our pools are created by experienced engineers at Pacific and you can rest assured they are structurally sound.  All pools below were part of the 2012 Installation season and show a specific step. Please click on a picture to enlarge. 
Day 1 : Pool is measured and drawn onto ground for excavation
Day 1 : Wall Panels start going up with K frames to hold them in place
Day 1: All walls, stairs, swim out, and K frames are up to form the structure of the pool.  Swim Sports is the only pool company in the area that has Graphex Polymer Walls to add strength and flexibility for the ground movement that occurs in our seasonal cycles.
Day 2: All the walls and the general structure of the pool is leveled to perfection before Cement Bond Beam around the K frames is formed to cement everything in place.  Stakes from K frames are hammered deep into the ground .
Day 3: The floor of the pool which is 3 to 4" thick, is 3,000 pound 3/8 stone concrete and is poured by cement truck and hand troweled.
Day 4: The wing walls of the deep end are troweled with Vermiculite.  This cement floor, Vermiculite wing floor combination is what we have found to work best over the years. Our floors are thick and smooth.
Day 4: Floor of pool is completed, plumbing work, and light installation is also done on this day.  We use a combination plumbing system of Schedule 40 PVC and black poly on all underground plumbing, 
Day 5: Floor of pool is power ground with diamond blade grind wheels to remove ridges and imperfections, then swept and vacuumed to remove all debris to ensure the smoothest surface.  Then the liner is unfolded and inserted into coping track.
Day 5: Once liner is in its coping track, vacuums are put on either side of the pool to suck liner tight against the walls.  At the same time water is added to pool so the liner is set with out any wrinkles.
Day 5/6: Back filling is done around the perimeter of pool. If you need clean fill like the sand pictured above, we bring it in. In some yards fill needs to be hauled off.  Pool is wired by an electrician after this point.
After Landscaping: Grass is coming in, patio complete, permanent fence is up.  Enjoy!
3 Weeks later: Depending on patio choice, and ground conditions we compact during back fill and also suggest waiting 3 weeks for patio.  Then when the masons make the determination ground is ready they will come and install your patio. This completes the structural integrity of these engineered Pacific pools.  
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