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Swim Sports Inc, is excited to share we were honored to win the 2020 and 2021 Reader's Choice Award for Best Pool and Hot Tub Store in South Shore Home, Life and Style Magazine!
Thank you to everyone who took the time to vote for us!

Swim Sports Inc Gallery
Here are some examples of our  work.  Please go to our Facebook Page for a larger collection!
21x41 Mountain Pond with 8' Gray Roman Step and Gold Pebble Liner
17x33' Kidney. 10' Roman End Stair in Blue Marble, 6' Swim Out in Blue Marble to match Liner. Cantilever Stamped Patio
20x41 Mountain Pond. 10' Roman Stair in Blue Marble, 6' Swim Out in Blue Marble to match Blue Marble Liner.
17x33 Omni with Blue Sit N Step
Liner: Hampton/ Seaglass
16x24x42 True L with 8' Step in Gray and 6' Swim Lounge in Gray Granite.
Gold Pebble Liner
20x24x48' True L. 10' Roman Stair and 6' Swim Lounge.  White Ladder Option. Cantilever Coping with Stamped Concrete Deck
17x35' Oval with White 8' Sit N Step and White 3 Step Ladder.  Stone Braid Prism Liner.  Hanover Ma
18x36' Rectangle with Black Granite Liner.  Swim Lounge placed on far end. Stamped Concrete Deck
20x41' Mountain Pond, Stone Braid Prism Liner.  10' Roman Stair in White with White Standard Coping.  3' Concrete Patio, surrounded by Pavers
17x33 Kidney White Sit N Step, White Swim Out Seat
Prism Liner
17x35 Oval
Prism Liner
21x41 Mt Pond Blue Mosaic Liner
21x41 Mt Pond
Blue Step and Blue Mosaic Liner
17x35 Oval 
Blue Granite Step, Blue Granite Liner
17x35 Oval
Blue Granite Step
Blue Granite Liner
19x37 Oval 
8' Roman Step
All Seabrook Liner
21x41 Mt Pond
8' Roman Step Gray
Gold Pebble Liner
17x28x33 Lagoon 
10' Roman Step and 6' Swim Lounge Seat in Blue Granite
Barolo/ Prism Liner
Stamped Concrete Perimeter Decking
21x41 Mt Pond with 10' Gray Granite Roman Step and Swim Lounge
Liner: Gold Pebble
18x36 Rectangle with Gray Granite Roman Step 
Liner: Sea glass
Customized 18x38 Oval with Inside Vinyl Over Steps
Liner: Deep Blue Fusion
18 x 42 True L with 16' Inside Vinyl Over Bench
21x41 Custom Mountain Pond with Vinyl Over Inside Steps and Bench
Liner: Gold Pebble No Tile Border