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Swim Sports Inc, is excited to share we were honored to win the 2020 and 2021 Reader's Choice Award for Best Pool and Hot Tub Store in South Shore Home, Life and Style Magazine!
Thank you to everyone who took the time to vote for us!

New Pool Installation
Swim Sports Inc. Services

​  At Swim Sports Inc, we specialize in building, repairing, and replacing vinyl lined swimming pools. We also are experienced in replacing and installing equipment, opening and closing pools, as well as converting pools to Salt Chlorination. 

Total Pool Rehabilitation
Liner Replacements
Swim Sports has installed hundreds of pools in the South Shore area, and has the experience and expertise to build you a pool that will be an asset to your home.  Swim Sports is an owner operated business, Anthony Caramello has been building pools since he was 14 years old (back then he helped), and now has 27 years experience in leading the build.  Anthony is an expert at installing pools in yards where others could not.  We have many sizes and shapes available. 
As with everything pools age over time, some better than others. We are experienced at bringing pools back to their original beauty, or even greater.  

Pool rehabs can include some or all of the following;

>Installing a hard bottom in place of sand
>Installing/replacing stairs
~Rerouting plumbing
>Replacing patio
>Installation of new liner, lights, and many other accessories. 

This 1970's polymer-wall installation's recent rehabilitation included an upgrade from a sand bottom to a hard bottom, rerouted plumbing, liner replacement and an updated patio! As you can see in the second photo, the polymer walls are still in perfect condition decades later.  

If you would like to give your pool the face lift it deserves, contact us below!
The beauty of a Vinyl Lined pool, is that you can put a new liner in and restore its look when needed! It is nearly impossible to resurface a fiberglass shell; it costs $20,000 to resurface a Gunite pool where it is a fraction of that price to replace the liner!
Liner Replacements are part of the basic up keep of your pool, and you can give your pool a completely different look and feel each time.  We have many Vinyl liner patterns available in 27 mil. 
18 x 37 Grecian with the old liner being  stripped out.
Installation of new Tulum/Blue Granite Liner.  Vacuums are used to help suck the air out for perfect fit!
New liner installed!
Now the pool looks like new again!
18 x 36 Rectangle
18 x 36 Kidney
18 x 24 x 42 True L